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Doogood Vancouver #2

"Life is random. Be grateful for it all."

This story starts out good, gets really scary and terrible, then spirals around into wonderment and amazement. It contains so many acts of kindness that they are uncountable. 

Day 1: travel to Vancouver to attend eldest son’s graduation from ACP ( Advanced Care Paramedic) program. So proud and joyous. 
Day 2: get phone call. Son in hospital- seizure in sleep. 
Day I don’t know cause it’s so overwhelming: Son helicoptered to Vancouver for emergency surgery.
“Glioblastoma 4- brain cancer - 12/14 month prognosis “

That is the bad part of the story, and also the start of the good part of the story. 

Random Act 1: his girlfriend’s sister starts a gofundme for them while we are waiting at the hospital during his brain surgery. 
Random Act 2-500: within 48 hours many family, friends, and strangers have donated a large sum of money. 
Random Act 501: son and girlfriend move back to Salt Spring to recuperate in our seaside cottage. 
Random Acts 502-650: help, healing, support, love, driving, caring, friendship from the community pours in. 

One year later: son is thriving. He is the opposite of dying. He is fully engaged with life. 
They get married. 
I paint 100 “love rocks”as gifts for the guests.
So overcome with love and gratitude for life.... I keep going and paint thousands of rocks with hearts and give them away. 

3 years later: son is an adored paramedic, husband, and community leader.
I have become an artist and paint every day. 

Random Act 651: being asked to write my story by someone I don’t know - so I can share my experience of knowing that LOVE IS THE WAY. 
Random Act 652 - and beyond: the friendly and compassionate cashier at our local grocery store gives out little painted rocks to kids that come through her till. A little random act collaboration. 

Life is random. Be grateful for it all. 

1. What's your Superhero name and what powers do you have?
The Wizard.

Superpowers: healing hands and intuitive knowing. I’ve practiced CranioSacral Therapy for 20 years .

2. If you had $10,000 to give away, how would you use it for most impact?
I’d make up “ rock painting kits” to give to people/ groups/ elders/ etc. So they can make art and share it . 

3. What does Vancouver mean to you? What’s best about it?
t’s my hometown. As kids, my Mom would take us on the Hastings express bus to the old Woodward’s Dept. Store for $1.49 day Tuesday. I love Stanley Park, Chinatown, and all the old cherry trees in blossom in East Van. 

BONUS question
Who should be interviewed next, who has a story people should hear?

How about Jason Grindler, the paramedic in this story?