Doogood Vancouver #1

"Follow your heart, it knows what to do"​ - Unknown

Precisely 7 years ago, while working at a stressful job, my achilles tendon broke during sports and my world collapsed.

I spent 6 months rehabilitating the leg and got back to that same job. Achilles tendon broke again during sports 1 week later.

I guess I didn't learn the lesson of slowing down the first time.

During that second break, I really started thinking on my life and what I want to create in it.

I learned to how to breath again, how to write again, how to walk again (simultaneously with my firstborn), and most importantly, how to slow down enough to see the beauty in life.

I've experienced so much random kindness, selfless acts of DOOGOOD in Vancouver and around the world that showing the power of it became my passion.


November 2018 we were visiting Capilano River Regional Park with my family and had a stroller with us to take on our way back to the city. The bus (that comes only once every 20 minutes) came a bit late and was totally crowded, no way for getting in as the driver told us. We were left in the rain, with a tired toddler and even more tired parents. 

We supposed the next one would be as crowded and it would take a lot of time to get back,

but decided to wait for it.

It was even more crowded than earlier. The door opened, and bus driver waved us to come in, starting to instruct others to give more space.

"The previous bus driver called me and explained the situation, and we agreed to have some space for you in this one." We had no choice but to smile and wonder how that small act alone had such a big effect on us. 

Another one was at a local family day care place, where our family spent many days/week enjoying the warm atmosphere and incredible hospitality of the staff, especially Eva. As our children didn't speak the language, it was hard to find others to play with and it started to take a toll on our older daughter. Eva and the staff took her under their wings, asked her to take part in a play they were organizing and that made her smile for the next 2 months. Coincidentally, our daughter received a gift for being Saint Lucy on that play.

The book was called "Because Amelia smiled".

Eva didn't know our daughter's middle name is Amelie.

1. What's your Superhero name and what powers do you have?
DOOGOOD, and the ability to speak to the inner child in people

2. If you had $10,000 to give away, how would you use it for most impact?
I would make a contest about it, and let the best idea execute it with help of others

3. What does Vancouver mean to you? What’s best about it?
Besides the nature, rich cultural background and the overall “feeling” of the city, for me it’s the people. Local people with stories to tell

BONUS question
Who should be interviewed next, who has a story people should hear?
Eva Svensson, 1 of the angels at West Side Family Place.

Great stories need to be told, they inspire people.