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Doogood Vancouver #3

"Love is in the air, and it smells like coffee." -Unknown

Dalai Lama once famously quoted "If you think you're too small, try sleeping with a mosquito."

Same principle works in something as small as buying a coffee for someone. 3 separate reports of incredible #payitforward coffee Random acts of Kindness surfaced during 2013 in Calgary, Edmonton and Ottawa, where unidentified DOOGOOD patrons each prepaid 500 coffees (worth $800+ dollars) at Tim Horton's in each of the cities. Coffees were then given to next ones on the line. 

That action became very public and caused much more Random Kindness concerning Tim Horton's and coffee.

Jessica Cruickshank also experienced a coffee story on 20th december 2014, right before christmas:

"In the Tim's drive through and the vehicle ahead of us paid for our order, so we paid for the vehicle behind #PayItForward #MerryChristmas"

The ripple effect went far on these ones and we are still showcasing and updating ripples it created. 

Based on how many roots to other stories around coffee it created, we might have 1 major story in our hands. Stay tuned!

1. What's your Superhero name and what powers do you have?

 “Infectious Smile” and my super power would be to make everyone I cross path with smile.

To me a smile is almost like a light inside you that when someone does or says something

that affects you in a positive way that light shines.

2. If you had $10,000 to give away, how would you use it for most impact?
I would love to be able to spread it to as many people as possible, imagine how many coffees/teas you could give away with $10,000

- say a coffee is $1.80 that’s would make over 5000 people’s day and had the potential to change someone’s outlook on life!

You’re so right when you talk about the ripple effect of kindness... think about how far that money could REALLY go! 

3. What does Vancouver mean to you? What’s best about it?

I don’t actually live in Vancouver, however I have travelled there as a close friend of mine lives on the island! Vancouver is beautiful and has so much to offer for its residents as well as tourists. The beautiful landscape (the ocean and mountains) and wildlife is what brings so many people there that many places in Canada are unable to offer!

BONUS question
Who should be interviewed next, who has a story people should hear?

I’m not to sure who you should interview next, although I think the most unlikely people you would talk to have true luck remarkable stories - such as people who are homeless, there is always a reason/story behind not having a stable home.

Maybe go to the streets to see what those people have to say about how small gestures have really impacted their life! 

Picture from Matthew Sleeper, who allows people to freely use his beautiful pictures. Thank you Matthew!