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Doogood Vancouver #6, Victoria, BC

"If you carry joy in your heart, you can heal every moment." - Carlos Santana

I am a member of the Sooke To Sidney Rock Hunt and one of the Admins to the sister group Vancouver Island Painted Rocks which are found on Facebook.

We are a community of almost 11,000 painted rock enthusiasts!

More importantly we are a part of the phenomenon known as the Kindness Rocks movement.

I paint rocks and then hide them with the hopes of it reaching someone who is either struggling or simply needs a boost or hug.

I paint rocks that have cheerful images and inspirational words and then hide them where my heart leads, such as parks, beaches, hospitals and clinics etc.

Sometimes I have handed out a rock to someone who just needed to know that I care.

What I try to do is make a difference even if it’s just a small difference.

Eighteen months ago I delivered a beautiful baby boy that was 6 weeks premature. 

The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the Victoria General Hospital was where I spent many hours holding and praying for my new little boy. It was a very difficult and scary time for me during those long weeks. 

One particular day when I was going to the NICU to hold my baby I noticed a rock that was nestled onto the door handle just as I was about to push it open. It was a painted rock that had the words I needed to hear at that moment, “JOY”. That rock filled my heart and made me thankful for all the things that I had.

I had two wonderful boys at home and a beautiful tiny person in the room ahead waiting for me.

I have a full life with three very healthy boys and want to pay it forward with what I experienced when I found “Joy” on a painted rock. 

I know firsthand how powerful these painted rocks are.

I truly believe that we can spread love, joy and encouragement to everyone around us and it may come in the most subtle ways such as looking at the door ahead of you.

I have heard many stories like mine and my hope is that my rocks reach people in their time of need.

1. What's your Superhero name and what powers do you have?

Super Hero Name:  Incredimom:  My powers would be to always be three steps ahead of my kids, and have two extra hands.

2. If you had $10,000 to give away, how would you use it for most impact?

If I had 10,000 to give away I would donate it to the NICU so they could give the same excellent service and care to other babies/families as I received.

3. What does Victoria mean to you? What’s best about it?

My hometown of Victoria has given me a community of passionate people who share in a common goal of spreading joy through painted rocks. Because of this community,  my hometown has become my extended family.

BONUS question
Who should be interviewed next, who has a story people should hear?

Julia Miller! She has worn an angels halo throughout her life. Her halo shone as she worked as a teacher then Principal for many years making a difference in the lives of many families.

Now retired, Julia is very involved with the Kindness Rocks Project where she is known as the Chicken Lady.

She is a person who pays it forward in everything she does and is an angel to many!