Doogood Vancouver #7

"Some people just seem to have the sunshine, all the time!"

I like when people play with each other. It's not nice when people don't.

Usually when I say "thanks and have a nice day",  and say "thanks for the teaching", the teacher feels better and smiles. On Halloween, it was nice to go trick & treating when people gave you candies. I was the Warrior Princess, and had a sword and my dad was a Ninja Turtle. I t was funny when they gave some candy to him as well.

People on buses are very friendly as well, especially all the drivers. I always say "thank you" and they smile and wave back.

1. What's your Superhero name and what powers do you have?


I could be the friendly ghost who just walks around to people and says "Hi!"

2. If you had $10,000 to give away, how would you use it for most impact?

If I had a really big amount of money, I would buy food and drinks and give it to them that don't have those.

I could always buy more from the store and bring to my friends, also to homeless people. 

I would rather give the food to those that cannot get it otherwise, and those who already have food could give more away.  

3. What does Vancouver mean to you? What’s best about it?

The bridges in the forest! They are the best, it's so exciting and nice to walk on them, looking down sometimes maybe. The ancient forests are beautiful, with threehouses and giant trees.

And of course the climbing frames and slides in the parks, it's awesome to just CLIMB! 

Actually my favourite 2 things on the school yard are to just play in the forest and climbing frames.

Those are the BEST to play at.  

BONUS question
Who should be interviewed next, who has a story people should hear?

It would be interesting to interview some researcher,

one who studies plants and animals and nature and those sorts of things.